In a grey world full of adults who just care about their business, youngsters tend to daydream and delve deep into their own fantasy realms.

Oh! I’m Getting Taller! is a light-hearted puzzle-platformer indie game about a kid and his desire to grow up.

Amazed, he notices that every day he grows so much that he can easily reach things he couldn’t even see before. Through his eyes, you will have to discover how his town changes from a gray piece of concrete to a vibrant imaginary world.
At the same time, you will have to interact with his family, friends, foes and why not, his first crush.


Will his happiness and imagination survive until he reaches adulthood or will the world change him like it did with anyone else?

Make the right (or wrong, that depends entirely on you) decisions and discover thanks to multiple endings how they affect his surroundings and his future!