Elf Games is a small video game development team founded in 2014 by Piero Dotti and Fabiola Allegrone.
We love creating atmospheric stories while mixing up a captivating game experience with visually peculiar environments.

Core Team:

Flame Avatar Team
Fabiola Allegrone: The artist. Hopeless dawdler, her creativity shines after getting an earful or being yelled at. You can see a picture of her spraying art thanks to her strength of mind.
This practice requires a lot of her energy which expires precisely after ten minutes. But do not worry, she recharges fast!

ProGM Avatar Team
Piero Dotti: The programmer. He writes codes and schedules deadlines! He mostly writes stuff only he, people like him and – sometimes – computers can read. Secondly, he is the best at giving the rest of the team a hard time when the clock is ticking. You can see him practicing his favorite art in the picture.

Recurring Collaborators:

Marco Buzzi (a.k.a. Guardian of Irael): Game Designer, Beta tester and professional bug finder, he learned the ropes thanks to the terribly bugged demos of the “I will make an RPG!” wannabees. He worked on level design and a bit of programming.

Andrea Fumagalli (a.k.a. endriu): Jack of (almost) all trades, master of absolutely none. He tries to write code but compilers commit suicide when they see it, he draws things but his niece’s doodles are way better, he tries to sound like an English gentleman who drinks his cup of tea but in the end, he is all “Immuna go thar and do dat”.
Well no, he actually took care of Oh! I’m Growing Up’s dialogues, he ran tests, moved things around, basically doing whatever the team needed. Anything, as long as they have biscuits!

Stefano Zambrano: The Little Briar Rose translator. He took care of Little Briar Rose’s English version starting from Piero and Fabiola’s scribbles. His work went from the literal translation to the adaptation, a tough job due to the need of giving personality and coherence to characters and story.

Fabiola Ennacrima

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July 13th, 2017