AUI - Stone Snake Island

Hey guys. What’s up?
We took part in the Indie Game Maker Contest 2018 (IGMC2018), back in November. It’s all about creating a game from scratch, making it wholesome or at least not R18+, and most of all crunching it all in a month! It is not the easiest challenge by far – and it’s surely not conducive to good rest, social life, and walking around under that weird sky lamp you call the Sun – but we did take part in it yet again, after the previous experiences in 2014 and 2015 with the embryonal versions of Little Briar Rose, Journey to the East and Oh! I’m Getting Taller.

So, what did we bring to the table this time around?

AUI – Stone Snake Island

It’s AUI! AUI is a good old platform game, following a long and storied tradition of platformers; it recounts the adventures of a small blob of sentient lava, from whom the game takes its name. He has to travel all over his tropical island, with the goal of freeing a water spirit and lead her to reach the safety of the sea. To do so, he must take advantage of the abilities his nature offers him: switching between solid lava rock and goopy, liquid magma.

The former form is slower and less agile, true, but rolling around smashing through obstacles is not something the agile, sticky liquid form can boast. At the same time, jumping around and clinging onto walls is impossible for the round, slightly glaring stone AUI can solidify into. Being able to recognize when to use one form and when to switch will be fundamental in this cute little platform.
It can be downloaded – for free! – from the following site:

Well then! We sure hope you’ll enjoy this small labor of love (and of a no-life November, but that’s secondary). Until next time!