“Demo available now for Children of Silentown, the dark adventure game with a Tim Burton flavor”

The demo of Children of Silentown is available for a limited time thanks to the Steam Game Festival.

Brescia, Italy – June 16, 2020 – Italian developer Elf Games takes part in the Steam Game Festival releasing a limited-time demo for their upcoming game Children of Silentown, scheduled for release for late 2020. Elf Games, who previously worked on the vibrant and colorful Little Briar Rose, are now exploring the dark side of fables with a creepy, unsettling story, inspired by point & click horror games like Fran Bow, and with an art style reminiscent of Coraline and Tim Burton’s early works.

The demo will be available only for the duration of the event, so whoever is interested is invited to give it a try now:

We released a first trailer back in 2019 that was quite well-received, also thanks to the superbly animated video by our collaborator and YouTuber Fraffrog. said Piero Dotti of Elf Games. “Now we did our best to put together a nice, polished demo for all to try during this Steam Game Festival.

About the game

Children of Silentown is a dark adventure game that tells the story of Lucy, a young girl growing up in a village deep into a forest inhabited by monsters. People disappearing is nothing uncommon in the village, but this time, Lucy is old enough to investigate on her own. Or so she thinks.

Only by taking advantage of all the tools and tricks at her disposal, Lucy will be able to shed some light on the mysteries of Silentown, using her singing skills to tear the veil of apathy and silence surrounding the village.

Follow Lucy through her adventure between puzzles, minigames and important choices leading to different endings!


  • Explore Silentown in search of hints, but beware: do not enter the forest.
  • A unique, unsettling 2D art style fitting for a mysterious, dark tale.
  • Music plays a crucial role, and learning how to sing will help Lucy in times of need.
  • Combine items to obtain widely unexpected results!

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