Last Sunday night we came back from the Global Game Jam at Politecnico di Milano. Wow, that was really something!

The Global Game Jam is an international event for game developers, organized every year, during the same day in every part of the world. You have 48 hours to create a video game, starting from a given theme. This year’s theme was Waves.

We know about this event since 2013, but we never had the chance to partecipate. This year we finally had this opportunity!

It was amazing as we thought! We didn’t have the chance to sleep very much (just as planned :D), but it was really an enriching experience. We came back full of ideas and determination.

Before talking about the game we created, I’d like to share with you a little moment of glory: Just before leaving home to reach the Jam site, I posted a gif we created, mixing “Oh! I’m Getting Taller!” with the #GGJ logo. I tweeted it and… TA-DA! The official Game Jam Facebook page took it and posted on their public profile!

That was really an inspiring way to start the Jam! *_*

But let’s talk about the event!

We joined a team with two great guys: Marco Alfieri, developer of Call of Salveenee and Pisa VR and Raffa IDecade, a talented musician and chip-tuner. Our team name was “Brototype”. 😀

The general idea was simple: Me, Fabiola and Marco passed all our youth in RPG Maker communities. Why don’t creating an “experimental” tribute to this world?

The final result is V00Tron, a puzzle game that shares the same universe between two games, a 3D one made with Unreal Engine and a 2D one created using RPG Maker MV. The game mixes voodoo and sci-fi aesthetics, accompanied by a futuristic goa-trance soundtrack.

We yet don’t know if it is extremely cool or tremendously random! Surely we enjoyed it a LOT.

…and it’s fully in Jam style 😀

We will release a demo in the next few days.

Since then, see you the next time!