Little briar rose Wheel Minigame
ProGM November 21st, 2017

How-To: Use Flood Fill in Unity3D for bug fixing

If you have already played Little Briar Rose, you probably have met the Mushroom Maze mini-game. You might have found out a solution alone, or maybe using the hint. Some of you, instead, may have found new paths that we haven’t considered when developing the puzzle. That’s what we call a “miscalculation”. While creating the…

Little Briar Rose on Steam
ProGM July 13th, 2017

Little Briar Rose is now available on Steam

  Finally it’s done. We’re excited to announce that Little Briar Rose is now available on Steam. ► Let’s see what’s new! ☆ Steam Collectible Cards support, with unlockable Backgrounds and emojis, created by our artist Fabiola! ☆ Steam Achievement-system integration ☆ A lot of small game and interface-related improvements, thanks to your feedback…

ProGM November 17th, 2016

Little Briar Rose diventa realtà! Oggi su App Store e Play Store

Tic-tac, tic-tac. Qualcuno ci fa notare che sono passati 2 anni dall’inizio del progetto Little Briar Rose. Ma non avevamo iniziato il mese scorso? o forse erano 10 anni fa? Quando penso Little Briar Rose, il mio cervello mi fa strani scherzi. A volte mi sembra di portarlo avanti da una vita. Altre, invece, mi…